Antigua Port Authority Board Commissioners Sworn-in at the Government House

by fujoasha14


 ST.JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda – October 24, 2014…….The seven-person Antigua Port Authority Board Commissioners was sworn-in at the Government House on Thursday morning, October 23 2014. The oath was administered by the new Governor General, Dr. Sir Rodney Williams, who took the opportunity to encourage the members to perform their duties well. The Chairperson of the Antigua Port Authority Board is Senator MaryClare Hurst and the Deputy is Delano Richards. Freestone Robinson, Dwight Gardiner, Peter Thomas and Winston Gomes are Commissioners, and Craig Christopher, a lawyer, is the Board Secretary.

The seven-person Board of Commissioners has been working since their appointment; however, the date of the formal swearing-in was determined by the Governor General, taking his own busy schedule into account.

Several important proposals to develop the Port have been submitted to the Commissioners, and their evaluation will play an important part in the final decision which is to be made shortly. The Minister with responsibility for the Port is the Prime Minister who also serves as the Minister of Finance. All the centers off revenue collection fall within the purview of the Minister of Finance; that would include the Inland Revenue Department, the Customs, the Treasury, and the Port Authority.

The Port Authority’s many responsibilities extend beyond the St. John’s Deepwater Harbour to include those several ports where vessels dock and revenue is earned