Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Condemns Political Assassination in Venezuela

by fujoasha14

                                                  PM ANTIGUA

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda – October 9, 2014……In a statement from his office today, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda hon.  Gaston Browne unequivocally condemned the brutal assassination of a political  figure in Venezuela and the intensification of political violence in the South American country.

PM Browne was reacting to the recent assassination in Caracas of a member of Parliament from the ruling party. Robert Serra, a young lawyer and legislator from the ruling PSUV party, was brutally murdered in his home, along with his partner Maria Herrera.

‘This is a brutal assault on democracy that needs to be condemned,’ Browne said. ‘The callous nature of this crime cries out for justice, and peoples and governments everywhere must come to the defence of democracy.’

Serra, at twenty-seven the youngest member of the Venezuelan Parliament, was an active legislator who specialized in measures to fight crime. His death has rocked Venezuelan political circles and thousands of mourners poured into the streets of Caracas to attend his funeral. Serra came from a poor background, and his mother, a street-vendor, helped put him through law school.

‘I convey my condolences to the Speaker of the Parliament and I stand in solidarity with the Parliament of Venezuela,’ said PM Browne, ‘and with the Government and people of Venezuela at this time of loss.’

The prime minister and chairman of CARICOM said that, as a region with strong democratic institutions and traditions, the Caribbean had a special responsibility to speak out against such outrageous acts that challenge the democratic order.

Mr. Browne stated that he believed that the Government of Nicolas Maduro would address this negative political development and restore the sanctity of the Parliament and its members.